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Gästebuch :The Gambia

Ibrahim 1258059783000
Mérzouga is a small village situated in the South Ouest of Morocco. it is the nearest desert to Europe and with more security. this place is wonderful with a large desert , and quiet time.the population is very rich in cultures and skin colors .it is rich in background of the différents tribes and communities(Berbes,Bidouines,Touaregs...) . many ideas comes to the mind when you see this desert and that give an feeling to hold the unlimited world .feeling to think about nothing only to this moment.

the desert really is a good moment where we can make a break in our life and that we need for to take an other air for restarting news moments for life.

i like the colors of the dunes !that change with the light of the sun....sometime wallow sometime red...

camels treks is the favorite program to discover this desert .

as the food in desert is not various but it is very nice food.

it spicy and good in tasty ,Couscous, Tagine... the sun , the food and the people are warm...i like to walk on the soft sand without shoes, that make to be connect more with the desert .i like to go without watch or map of the be lost with the time is better!!
if you want to live this experience contact me please!

anonym 1254172497000
Marokko hat mir sehr gefallen, vor allem an der Küste.