Mit dem Motorrad durch Laos

Reisezeit: Dezember 2015  |  von Bernd Feurich

Ich habe mir in Vietnam ein Motorrad gekauft, damit das Land erkundet, es über die Grenze gebracht und fahre jetzt durch Laos. Am Ende hoffe ich, dass ich es in Vientiane verkaufen kann.

From Vietnam to Laos by Motorbike

Lao Bao Border  Vietnam - Laos

Lao Bao Border Vietnam - Laos

I have asked many Motorbikedrivers in Vietnam, if it possible to cross the Border from Vietnam to Laos by Motorbike. Nobody didn*t realy know that. Also in the Net was written a lot of maybe, no or sometimes. Just one guy has said, that it is no Problem and he has done it. Thats way i have try it too and i can say, yes it works. The Customs just wonted to see the Bluecard of my bike and my drivier licence. I have paid 32 USD for my visa on Arrival and nothing else.
By the way, i have bought my bike in Hanoi for 220 USD, i paid 100 USD for repaiers and services and i sold it after 9 weeks for 320 USD in Vang Vieng, Laos.

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