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Thailand: Thailand- Summary


For all our friends, who do not understand German!!!!

Our trip through Thailand started in Bangkok. This town is huge; there is a lot of pollution, poverty and people. Besides that Bangkok is amazing- TUK TUKs, busses, cars, taxis, motorbikes, boats...these are the ways to reach Grand Palace and other temples, markets with animals like snakes, spiders, dogs and so many things more...We stayed in a hotel near Khao San road where you can see all the backpackers and you can go shopping and eating on the street. We didn't have to explore Bangkok by our selves- Rainy (half Thai half Philippine) picked us up from the airport and showed us all the important places to see. After that she recommended us to take the bus to Koh Chang- the elephant-island. And not only that, she even stayed with us on that island for some more days. This place was impressing- we slept in a bamboo/wood-bungalow directly on the beach. And there were almost no more tourists around. That means- the beach was ours!!! The disadvantage was the rain- everyday! So we could not really put our towels on the sand... but we could make a motorcycle trip around the island- of course it started raining in monsoon-style. After one hour in this pretty heavy rain Danny liberated his rain-jacket sleeves from a little "river". We actually loved that day as well as our kayaking-day. We went over the sea to two lonely islands where the guys went snorkelling and fishing. The fish they caught became their dinner. After we left Koh Chang and said bye to our little friend Rainy, we took a taxi, a ferry, a bus, a train, another bus, a taxi again...and suddenly (after approx. 24 h) we arrived in Krabi, where we spent one night. Then we took another boat and went to paradises- Phi Phi Islands! The Tsunami left its damages, but people here are working on it and tourists are very welcome and the beaches are just awesome! Purely crystal clear blue water, white sand and not many tourists again. On one of the days we made a Longtail-boat trip to Bamboo Island and Phi Phi Lay with its famous Maya Beach from the movie "The beach". And it really is such an incredible beautiful beach.
While snorkelling we saw corals and fishes in many different colours, a sea-snake, sea needles, and and and!!! A great day with great people ... and that is why we decided to go to eat together and exchange our pics. The next day Thomas went diving and he saw some leopardsharks, stingrays, butterfly- , firefishes and many many more!!!
Danny and I (Steffi) used that day to walk up to a viewpoint from where we could see both bays of Phi Phi Lay- beautiful!

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Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen, hier auf, uns einmal um die Welt zu begleiten. Starten wollen wir am 1. September 2005 und Ende Juli 2006 wieder in der Heimat einschlagen. Da wir immer für jeden Spaß zu haben sind wird es für Euch sicher nicht langweilig!
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