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Skiressorts in Nordchina: Erlongshan Ski Resort

Brief introduction of Erlongshan ski Ressort

(Quelle: Long-Zhu Ski Group: [13 Aug 09] (Status 2007)

Long-Zhu Erlongshan Ski Resort is located in the nationally certified "4-A" Erlong Scenic Reserve in Binxian, 65 kilometers from Harbin. A short hour-long ride on a Long-zhu tour bus takes you from the center of a bustling city to the ski resort at the foot of the mountains.
Erlongshan's pristine lake, encircled by two intertwining mountain ranges, and surrounding a small island in its center, evokes the image of two pearl-eating dragons of ancient legend. Lush and plentiful pine trees and vast expanses of pure white snow create a perfect natural environment for skiing in the winter- slender willows and sandy shores make for an excellent and scenic summer escape. Through Longzhu's continual investment and development, an increasing number of participatory, hands-on activities have emerged from the natural landscape, making the area even more appealing to the tastes of today's modern traveler. The focus on the surrounding natural environment, the hands-on and healthy nature of its activities have turned the resort into a pefect, unique and multifaceted vacation destination in winter, and year-round.
Being a destination for business and pleasure, Longzhu Ski Group has outfitted the resort with living and dining options for any budget. We are currently able to provide rooms for 1,100 guests and dining for 2000 every day. The three-star VIP hotel combines the most modern dining, boarding, entertainment and meeting options under one roof. Longzhu International Skiing Club is the best place to hold meetings and festivals, which provides capacious and magnificent banqueting hall and conference rooms.

One of the first ski resorts in Heilongjiang Province to be recognized with SSS status, these eight years have seen over a million and six hundred thousand visitors from China and abroad, recognition as an official site for the International Skiing Festival, and International Freestyle Skiing competitions- making the resort one of the most popular winter vacational destinations at home and around the world.

Erlongshan Ski resort

Quelle: [13Aug09] Informationsbasis: 2007

Season: Dec. - April.
Location: 50 kilometers ( 40 minute's ride) away from Harbin in the Erlongshan Scenic Area.
Highest mountain : 288 meters
Trails: 8
Lift: 1
Skiing Market: suitable for beginners,intermediate & advanced.

Erlongshan Ski resort has snow cover for 170 days per year with an annual average temperature of 15 centigrade degree. Erlongshan has two trails for beginners, 6 runs for intermediate and advanced skiers. The child ski ground is the first of its kind in China. The ski resort covers around 780,000 square meters, and is capable of holding 4,000 skiers at the same time. The lift from the resort base to the top offers unique views of undulating countryside.

The unique feature of the Erlongshan Snow Resort is the accessibility of all the resort's facilities. All of the sports amenities are just a few minute's walk from your room. For skiers' convenience, a safety facility has been set up to ensure skiers' safety and create a worry free environment. Skier beginners may want to take a lesson or two to improve their skills. Skiing instructors at the resort teach all ages from beginners to experienced skiers in need of a tune up.
Accommodation: lodgings rang from the luxurious Fengchen Villa to budget guest houses.
Dining: Chinese food, local specialty and western food are served.
Entertainment: Skating rink, football on snow ground, club, karak, Sauna.
Transportation: Fly to Harbin first and then take a bus or taxi. The resort will arrange transport from hotels in Harbin and also from the Harbin Train station every day.

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