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Rundfahrt zu den Fachwerkkirchen : Longsols

Eglise St Julien et St Blaise

Eglise St Julien et St Blaise

Longsols is one of the most picturesque half-timbered churches in Champagne, situated close to the vast oak forests of the Champagne wetlands.
The dating work undertaken on the wood shows that it was built between 1483 (choir) and 1493 (nave).
Its Jong transept gives the building the shape of a Latin cross. Outside, you can observe the pyramid shape, divided into three stages. First, the sides are covered with a, pitched roof that runs down to the porch, then the high central nave with narrow windows and topped by a gabled roof and finally, the imposing spire covered with slate.
Inside, you can admire the remarkable woodcarvings a^j; well as the fabulous polychrome altarpieces from the end of the 17lh century, spread out between the transept and the choir.

Known under the name of St Julien and St Blaise, the church of Longsols is mentioned in texts of 1140.
There already existed then a church at that time. However the actual church was built at the end of the 15* century, a tile from its roof, conserved in the Museum of Troyes, shows the date of 1472 (about 40 years after Joan of Arc), wich makes this one of the oldest church in wood still existing in Champagne.
In 2008 a dendrochronology analysis (dating based on tree-ring width) has concludes that the transept and the choir are the oldest parts (1483) whereas the nave was built after 1490 and the belfry in 1493.
Among the numerous classified objects, there is a processional copper and silver cross dating from the 15th century, this can be seen at the Treasure of the Cathedral of Troyes.
Certainly over the years, efforts have been made to conserve the edifice. Some windows have been closed, others opened...During the 19th century, the outer walls were covered by a layer of plaster wich with his deteriorating, made the church unpleasant looking and didn't offer any protection from weather conditions.
This church is classified historical monument, and our village has sacrified a lot of money to have it restored.
As our church has a special historical value, it merits to be looked after. For more than five centuries, it has seen numerous generations. It is a part of our patrimony that we must save.

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